Dunwoody Preservation Trust

Dunwoody Preservation Trust (DPT) was founded in 1995 with organization funding provided by Dunwoody Homeowners Association. It is a 501(c)(3) organization chartered to preserve the history and heritage of Dunwoody through various means. These include acquisition and/or underwriting the maintenance of historically significant properties, documenting historical and current happenings, providing education on Dunwoody’s past and contributing to the general beautification and functionality of Dunwoody.

In fulfilling these roles, DPT has been responsible for saving the Cheek-Spruill Farmhouse in the center of Dunwoody and converting it into the Dunwoody Farmhouse. Additionally, in 2005 DPT took the idea of acquiring the historical Donaldson-Bannister House and Farm to DeKalb County officials. This multi-building three-acre property in the heart of Dunwoody became available and DPT designed an acquisition plan with its owners and the County that resulted in preserving this property for future generations. Now the Donaldson-Bannister Farm is owned by the City of Dunwoody and will be the benefactor of the funds raised during Lemonade Days. The DPT has been successful in placing both the Cheek-Spruill Farmhouse and Donaldson Bannister House — as well as the Isaac Roberts House on Roberts Drive — with the National Register of Historic Homes.

Other activities that DPT has spearheaded over the years include the Replant The Dunwoody Forest program after the 1998 tornado that resulted in raising more than $250,000 and planting over 25,000 trees to begin the recovery of the natural resources that were lost. DPT researched and compiled “The Story of Dunwoody 1821-2001”, a 500+ page chronicling of our heritage and a 250+ page book identifying over 4000 historical gravesites in Dunwoody named “The Silent Story Tellers”. DPT has also produced a thirty minute DVD entitled “Dunwoody: the History & Heritage – 1821-2003”. These publications and productions provide opportunities to expand awareness of our history and heritage. Additionally, DPT led the effort and assisted in the funding of the tree planting and landscaping of Ashford Center Parkway.

DPT has also assumed the responsibility for the maintenance of New Hope Cemetery (5695 Chamblee Dunwoody Road) where a number of early settlers and Confederate soldiers are buried. DPT was also actively involved with DeKalb County to ensure that a master land use plan developed for Brook Run Park preserved the integrity of the natural beauty of this 102 acre area. This included incorporating venues and activity opportunities needed in the North DeKalb area such as the inclusion of a plan for a world class playground which was opened in October 2005 and the skate park which opened in 2007.

Dunwoody Preservation Trust has a rich history of accomplishment and continuing plans for future activities to ensure that Dunwoody’s unique history is maintained and visible. It is privately funded primarily through the contributions of over 900 members and the proceeds of Lemonade Days.

For additional information concerning the scope of DPT’s activities, visit our website at www.DunwoodyPreservationTrust.org.